I’m a 31 years old Digital Account Manager | Technical Project Manager originally from India, currently based in Dubai.
Websites, Digital Marketing, and UI/UX are of my core interest and my expertise. Since September 2014, I have been working with RAW Agency, which is a part of the Publinet group in Dubai.

My passion for technology dictated my academic path and led me to undertake an engineering degree in IT. During that phase, I also dipped my toes into the professional world for the first time as a freelance website designer, which set the tone for the rest of my career.

Working in India for a few years opened up a whole new world for me. Guiding both the design and technical team, I learned to multi-task with the rapid rate of technological growth, discovered something new every day. Having a background in design helped me to straddle the creative and technical aspects of our work, and I gained a new respect for the power of technology to fuel both professional and personal progress.

Dubai has been home for me since high school, so following my higher studies and Indian work experience, I returned with a solid idea of what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’.
I began my career as a marketing specialist for a media company. My keen curiosity motivated me to work across various areas of design, which saw me creating and developing not only websites but also everything linked to digital and print marketing. The technology was the foundation of my job and it also underpinned my rapid progress because it made learn on the go easier than ever before. The increasing connectivity of the world inspired me and I became a passionate advocate of new age methods.

Armed with this idea, technology, and design expertise, I urged my career forward again when I became a front-end developer at a digital media agency. Following three years of high exposure to a diverse portfolio of clientele and collaborative work with an exceptional team, I have developed from a web designer and developer into a fully-fledged technical project manager. The mighty web and technology have transformed not only the way I work but also my life. It is a constant passion that I bring to work in the morning and take home at night that has made me a digital native.





Work Skills.


I have been involved with technology and designs since 2009. I love working as a team and am confident to guide and lead a group.
2019 – till date. Digital/Technical Account Manager
RAW Agency

Since 2019, I have been managing both technical and digital projects such as Websites, Email Marketing, and much more. My responsibilities increased with more direct client interactions which gave me more insights to the commercial side of the business.

2016 – 2019. Technical Project Manager.
RAW Agency

Websites, mobile applications, HTML emailers, dynamic signatures, landing pages, cloud servers, etc were in my daily task lists. Managing multiple projects have helped me scale my multitasking skills. During this time I have managed 30+ websites and mobile applications.

Being from a developer background has helped me manage the expectations of clients and deliver all the projects on time. It has also made it easy to manage my team and escalate any hurdles.

2014 – 2016. Front-End Developer.
RAW Agency

Being a front developer since college has given me so much opportunity to involve in various kinds of website projects. Be it WordPress, Magento, CodeIgnitor, or .NET based websites, I have been blessed to be a part of building more than 50+ websites.

I have been building websites since 2014. Rapid WordPress development is one of my expertise.

2011 – 2014. Software Engineer.
iChanical Technologies

This is where my passion for websites began. Joining as a software engineer in the firm has helped me tame my skills and guide myself in the direction in which I wanted to be. My love for creative designs helped me scale my knowledge in website designing and development.




I was featured in “ Faces to watch, Digital and Creative, 2018 ” by Campaign ME Magazine.
Project Management 90%
Website Management 95%
Adobe Suite 85%
WordPress 87%
Magento 80%
Digital Ad Management 75%
Social Media 70%
Email Marketing 80%



I am a Bachelor of Engineer in Information Science and Engineering from VTU, Belgaum, India.

Digital marketing


Mobile App

MPU Banners

Website Hosting

Cloud Servers

Google Analytics


UI/UX Designing

Email Campaigns

PPC and Social Ads

Website Launch Campaign




Get in touch with me to know more. I speak English, Hindi, Malayalam & little of Tamil as well.
You can email me at naazyad@gmail.com or simply call me on +971 56 4401747.
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